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Ierissos (Greek): Ιερισσός) is a small town on the east coast of the Akti peninsula in Chalkidiki, Greece. It is located 100 km from Thessaloniki, and 10 km from the border of the Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain, or Mount Athos. Ferries run from Ierissos to the east[…]

3D Theatre

  The Cultural Centre hosts the first in Greece 3D theatre which shows stereoscopic videos since 2004. The Centre hosts, also, an exhibition hall and a congress hall.

Cultural Center of Ierissos

  It is housed in an impressive building in the center of Ierissos, since 2004. It was approved by the European Investment Bank as a center for the promotion of the Athonite heritage and the promotion of the Mount Athos area with the use of modern technology. The first successful[…]

The tower of Krouna

  One of the most important sights in the region of Ierissos is the tower of Krouna, located approximately 1km northwest of the town. It was a dependency, surrounded by a wall, which has almost collapsed. It is estimated that it was built in the 15th century and it is[…]

Akanthos (Greece)

  Akanthos (Ancient Greek: Ἄκανθος; Latin: Acanthus) was an ancient Greek city on the Athos peninsula. It was located near the modern town of Ierissos on the north-east side of Akti, on the most eastern peninsula of Chalcidice. Strabo and Ptolemy erroneously place Acanthus on the Singitic Gulf, but there can be no doubt[…]


  Impressive is the area of the yard, which have retained as much of the old character. Enchanting is the spectacle of shipyards, where old hulls of ships as Biblical “arks” and opened their big eyes you will “travel” in fairy seasons. And though the new pipeline, freshly painted and[…]