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Impressive is the area of the yard, which have retained as much of the old character. Enchanting is the spectacle of shipyards, where old hulls of ships as Biblical “arks” and opened their big eyes you will “travel” in fairy seasons. And though the new pipeline, freshly painted and kalafatismena will give you the impression that the span of time is endless.


The shipyard is a very famous attraction and attracts many tourists every year. There is in this place for centuries, and a main occupation of the inhabitants was fishing and the sea in general.


The inhabitants of Ierissos described as great shipwrights, a profession that passes from generation to generation. The boats are made of pine wood in the same traditional way they were made centuries ago.


Today there are three shipyards and making manufactured here, traveling the seas of all Greece, unique ambassadors of incomparable art of Ierissioton shipwrights. Master of traditional shipbuilding considered the Papasterianos p. Dimitrios, who is not currently in life.