Ierissos Chalkidiki … with the stunning beach

Ierissos… a place full of color and tranquil atmosphere. Ierissos, alsoknown as Ancient Akanthos, is one of the most beautiful areas of Chalkidikiwith a rich historical heritage. Remains of the ancient city wall are stillpreserved, extremely impressive and worthy of admiration.
Ierissos extends to the third leg of Halkidiki and is only 100 km away fromThessaloniki and is the apartment of the new municipality of Aristotle. It isthe continuation of Ancient Akanthos, which was a colony of Andrians in the7th century BC. And a great city of Macedonia as it is characterized byhistorians and is evidenced by archaeological research.
Ierissos is an important port in northern Greece with a very large fishingfleet and the bay’s fish is known to the Panhellenic for their taste. Despitethe famous reputation of Akanthos for its wine, the younger generationmainly deals with fishing, shipbuilding, trade, construction of works forMount Athos and tourism.
Ierissos is a place of visit or for its golden sandy beaches, as well as acrossing point to Mount Athos.
Its beaches and its varied and vibrant entertainment make it a uniqueholiday destination. In the streets you will find for your accommodationmany accommodation such as rooms to let, studios, furnished apartmentsand hotels of various categories and facilities, next to the famous beacheswith crystal clear waters. There are also two organized camping facilities.
Also, Ierissos has a remarkable social and cultural background, which hascome back many years back with a significant sample of the very largenumber of folk songs that live and are still singing to this day. There aremany clubs that organize various events, including the Klegedis club, theFriends of the Environment Association, the Akanthos musical school, aswell as professional clubs and associations (professional club, fishermen’sassociation, builder’s association, Agricultural cooperative).
Arriving at Ierissos you will be fascinated by the calm atmosphere thatdominates and the thalassa breeze that gently embraces the small town.The beach extends 11 km in front of it with clear blue waters and offersendless summer moments to its holidaymakers. Beautiful accommodation,picturesque taverns and taverns with splendid traditional flavors and avariety of tourist shops, harmoniously fill the city and give the visitor picturesof carefree and endless warmth. Staying in Ierissos is a combination of enjoyable and exciting holidays with tranquil and relaxing moments …moments that everyone needs. It is worth visiting the enchanting beach ofKakoudia, a peculiar and exceptional natural beauty, “discovering” thecrystal clear waters of the famous rocks.
If you are in this picturesque town, do not miss to attend the local festivalsand events that emphasize the peculiarity of the place and the inhabitantsof Ierissos, such as “Kurbani”, an offer of a disciple to locals and foreignersat the feast of Prophet Elias on the 19th and 20th July, the slaughter of thepig in the square on 26 December with the offer of a grilled pig and wine tothe guests, the official celebration of “Black Aloni” on the third Easter day inmemory of the slaughter of 300 residents by the Turks in 1821, St. Paul’scall on June 29, the three-day cultural events on July 28th to August 1stand the celebration of the Cathedral of the Generosity on September 7thand 8th.
Ierissos beach also houses the Aquarium of the area in a semi-basementarea. It gathers the interest of the world as it hosts fish, seafood andshellfish from the bay of Ierissos such as mummurs, raccoons, scorpions,barbons, basses, roos, sargos, lobsters, swallows, etc. It has a capacity of40 cubic meters and contains seawater, which is continuously renewed witha special pump connected to the sea. It is open 24 hours a day andentrance is free.
Ierissos is the only place in Greece that has an amphitheater ofstereoscopic projections where through the three-dimensional walkway youcan experience the wonderful reality of Mount Athos and experience thesea’s magic in three-dimensional films.
The historical site of Ierissos is Black Aloni or Mavrou Niou Aloni. During theRevolution in Chalkidiki in 1821, the Turks, at the order of Sintik Yusuf Bey,slaughtered 400 Ierissians. In a treacherous manner promised a generalamnesty to all who would be delivered. Having delivered 400 who believedin his words, forced them with the threat of weapons to dance. At every turnof the dance, the swords of the Turks were slaughtered by a dancer. Sincethen, in order to honor that sacrifice, every year on the third day of Easter,there is a thrill in this area, and then there is a dance that involves hundredsof Jerezites and visitors. Dance is called a spell and represents theslaughter. He is late, on the shaky and reluctant steps of those condemnedto death. The song is full of inspiration for the much-deserved freedom, asfor many years afterwards, the custom was made with the presence of theTurks and things could not be said openly. In the last part of the song, thefirst two, unite their hands, creating an arch depicting the stretched swordsof the Turks. From this rudimentary arch, all the dancers pass twice, whilethe steps of the dance continue as well as the song, each turn of which issingly sung by one of the men and one of the women.
Useful Chiliometric Distance from Thessaloniki 115 km. Police Stationof Ierissos 23770.22.206 Port Authority of Ierissos 23770.22.666 ELTA of Ierissos 23770.22.262 & 23770.22.793 Municipal Office of Ierissos23770.22.216, fax 23770.22.414
Fun For your entertainment in Chalkidiki, you will find many restaurants andtaverns (restaurants, taverns, cafes, clubs etc.), with excellent service and avariety of products and services that will justify your choice.\r\nHalkidiki hasdozens of dining places, traditional, simple but also luxurious where youcan taste the food you want.