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Visit to Ierissos Beach

Night excursion to Ierissos beach The beach of Ierissos is one of themost friendly for the visitor. It is pedestrianized and has the specificity neverto open for vehicles. Even the vehicles of the State and other authoritiesare not allowed to cross the pedestrian zone. Along the pedestrian streetthere is a lawn with benches, a children’s playground, and the sandy beachof Ierissos is just beginning. Its length is about 600 meters. Along thepedestrian street there are beach bars, refreshments, taverns, patisserie,fast food, kiosks. Of course, all of this is so distributed that they leave emptybands large enough for free access and in no way reminiscent of thestinging condition in coastal zones. Additionally, arbitrary constructions,various additions, benches and other things that offend the aesthetics of theenvironment are forbidden and that it has an elegant look. Along the beachthe Blue Flag is awarded for its organization, and no store is charged withsun loungers, while prices are generally affordable. You can enjoy yourswim at the best beach in the settlements in Greece and in the eveningenjoy the night out with the panic that is usually on the seaside night. Inaddition, for those with children, there is a sense of security.